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How do I make my office feel relaxing and yet maintaining the professional environment? I quite like the idea that going to an office should feel just as comforting as working from home. It is all about the balance! Here are a few simple tips of how to create cosiness withing your corporate environment, even though the office will truly never be home.

  • Have a rug and a couple of comfy armchairs to soften the space. Depending on the overall design scheme of your office, you may go for something bright to add a splash of colour, or go for the subtle/neutral shades and textures. Have a look at our breakout area that we designed for the client in Beaconsfield. Mustard sofa, grey armchairs and a bright coloured rug easily create a relaxing feel where you can chill out during the lunch or coffee break. Add a sleek led ring pendant light to create an accent.
  • Have live greenery to purify the air, add life and warmth to the space. Just don’t forget to water them. Studies show that having plants in the office boosts productivity. Indeed, having interesting elements in the room, such as plants, can stimulate the brain and keep people motivated and driven.




office breakout small scaled
  • Have warm colours – a simple a straightforward solution that gives amazing results. Opt out of cold colours and go for the warmer shades instead. In this boardroom interior design concept we created for our client in Marlow, I went for the beige/earthy carpet tiles, oak furniture and timber wall panels that instantly gives a welcoming feel once you enter the room. Adding turquoise meeting room chairs creates an accent and make the space look modern and interesting.
  • Don’t forget about the artwork! Be it pictures, posters, photos or statues. It gives a more personal feel to the space, makes people feel good and it also unlocks people’s creative potential.
  • Light a scented candle. Small things like candles, diffusers or aroma sticks make a big difference. It is not only about the look of the office, think about pleasing other sense too. Is there any fragrance that you like the most? I’d say go for a subtle fragrance that helps you to refresh and de-stress. Aromatherapy will positively impact people’s mood that leads to an increased productivity as well as it is one of the best ways to make the workspace cosier.