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Even simple touches like color splashes or adding accessories can create a big impact when re-designing your home or office. We don’t want the spaces where we spend most of our time to look dull and uninspiring, therefore creating a wow factor is necessary for both residential and commercial interior design, to create an interest.

In office spaces, for example, until and unless you feel happy in your surroundings, you can’t be productive in your work. Times are now tough, however, wow factor décor doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. To achieve the wow factor, it is necessary for an interior design company in London to create a design that takes your breath away for a second once you enter the room.

You don’t need to add too much all over the room or the office; the main thing is that there should be an element of surprise, something that you wouldn’t expect in this space.

What can you add to create a wow factor in your home or office?


Eye-catching wall design

Adding various patterns, paintings, or any precious artwork will make your wall a center of attraction. A subtle pop of color will give a neutral wall a surprising and exciting feeling and mood.

Also, you can add a mirror or statement armchair next to the wall to create a wow look in your renovated room. These tricks can attract your eye and leave you surprised.

Choose the right artwork for your room. It could be one or several pieces, colorful or monochrome. The main point is to create a bold statement that creates a focal point and compliments the rest of the design scheme. 

“Wow” flooring

Online searches can quickly result in a wide variety of interesting flooring options. Finding something, though, that is both beautiful and practical and truly suits your home could be tricky. You can ask the interior design company in London about your current flooring trends. For example, engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl tiles can easily create a wow factor in your space. You can also consider herringbone parquet which can create a real statement. It is both timeless and elegant and suits any space and interior design style, be it traditional or contemporary.

Adding colorful rugs is another trick to make your flooring stand out. Opt for bold geometric shapes to create a statement and increase visual interest.

Statement lighting

Whether it is office or home, the easiest way to create a wow factor is to add statement light fittings. Select unusual shapes and colors of your feature lights. Add quirky table lamps to the office desks, or a large floor lamp in the meeting room, or an antique chandelier in your living room. The possibilities are endless! Make sure you layer your lighting correctly, and to do this you would need a professional interior designer involved. 

Why do you need a professional?

Whenever you are looking to renovate or create a new space for your home or office, it is better to contact the experts instead of working on your own. An interior design company in London will guide you with the best trends and share innovative ideas that will add an amazing wow factor to your space. They will work according to your requirements and the latest trends.