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How do you incorporate Mid-Century modern interior design styles into your living room?

Mid-century contemporary interior design is always in style and timeless. The mid-century modern aesthetic is versatile and still in trend today due to its clear lines, color scheme, and sinuous, biomorphic forms.

We’ve gathered some stunning mid-century modern interior design styles tips from professionals to get you inspired. Whether you’re looking to create a modern, mid-century interior design of your entire home or update your living room, you need to find an experienced interior designer or interior architect in London.

Master bedroom

Mid-century modern design championed the principle of purity when it comes to design and sought to push the innovative use of materials and technology. These designs never get old. Read further if you want to know the technique of incorporating mid-century modern interior design into your living space. 

The mid-century modern style has driven the latest technology into it with the help of interior architects. A blend of clean lines, interesting material combinations, intriguing colors and shapes is what mid-century modern style is all about. Let’s see how we can incorporate this in your home.

Popularity of wooden furniture

The craze of wooden furniture will never get fades even after the invention of new furniture sets made with plastic, fiberglass and more. Designers of furniture selected sturdy hardwoods like teak, cherry, maple, and beech.

 Wood is still one of the most popular materials to employ in an authentic mid-century modern room as it exudes so much warmth and character, and is renowned for its timeless beauty and durability. Choose tapered-leg, sleek timber furniture for authentic mid-century appea.

Introduce symmetry

Symmetry in designing is used to create balance which helps in maintaining the feeling of calmness. When you are designing your home with mid-century modern style, introducing the symmetry will help your home look balanced. For example, when working on the renovation of your living room, find the focal point and set the furniture accordingly.  


It was common to have bold pieces like large sculptures or plants within mid century modern homes to make a statement – small ornament or patterns are normally not to be seen. Achieving mid-century look even in the small space is possible by focusing on the simple basic items with only a few accessories to complete the look. 

Selection of colors

Using the primary colors such as blue, red, yellow is a perfect way to highlight your space with mid-century modern design. If you are concerned that these colors would be too bright for your room, select more earthy tones that were popular during 1960s. Bold colours bring visual focus to the uncomplicated rooms and can be used in contrast with monochrome pieces of the interior.

Embrace the trend with a free-spirited spin to show off your playful side. Bold geometrics and flashy wallpaper can all be used to evoke the mid-century design. Choose strong floral pattern that brighten up your decor without deviating too much from the mid-century look.

Wrapping it up!

To style your living space with mid-century modern design you must contact the professional interior architect in London to work with you and give a perfect finishing to your renovation. You should opt for the wooden furniture, the abstract geometric patterns and texture based on natural shapes which are related to the modern mid-century touch.