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We all want our home to be a reflection of ourselves and to be part of who we are, no matter if you own or rent a property. Imagine, after a long day at work or university you arrive home, looking forward to putting your feet up and relax, but when you walk through the door… your home brings you anything but peace. Your space just doesn’t resonate with you, and this obviously affects your overall wellbeing.

But what could be the reason? Is it too dated, or too dark, or too cluttered? In fact, sometimes you can’t even find a particular reason for that, it just doesn’t feel right.

If this situation is familiar to you, the first step is to take a deep breath, step back and try to understand what changes you can make to improve your space, so that it starts inspiring you, bringing you joy and tranquillity.

The changes you want to make could be something drastic like a full refurbishment of the entire space, or you can make small changes that will have a huge impact on the appearance of your home.

First, is obviously to DECLUTTER. Get rid of the things that you kept for years and never used. Straight away you will feel lighter and happier as removing the old unused items from home also gets rid of the negative energies that the house accumulates over time.

Then, think of making your space lighter and airier. You may need to refresh the walls with a new coat of paint or change the wall colour to something completely different. Check what colours are in trend now and see if you like any of them. Or maybe you have you favourite colour that you want to use on one wall, making it a feature wall? The options are endless.

When I meet my clients for the first time, I always try to understand how they want to feel in the space, what their lifestyle is, what design style they prefer. It would then help me to transform their home according to their personalities and specific needs.

Use your favourite items as décor. To make your space truly personal, arrange your favourite objects in the room in a way to create a focal point as well as a balance. For example, you have a rug, a vase or a mirror you brought from your holiday; or you have your favourite armchair, that are not only beautiful, but also bring lovely memories. You can arrange these items in the room in a certain way to emphasize one or two items, creating a focal point. Make sure to have a proper balance between the size of the objects, colours and textures to avoid making the space chaotic and cluttered.

Having your photos on the wall, I think, it very important. This is when your personality comes to life. You may go for black and white photos which bring a lot of charm and sophistication to the space.

Artwork of course, is another important aspect of creating a beautiful space that reflects your inner world. It can be sculptures or wall art, the main thing is that it has to bring out your most positive emotions and feelings.

Also, why not make different rooms reflect different moods you wish to be in? For example, one room is a calm room where you relax and meditate; another room is a nostalgic space where you have your photos and items that bring positive memories; another room is an uplifting space where you feel inspired and excited. There are so many options of how you can creatively design your entire home! The important thing is not be afraid of experimenting with different colours and textures to achieve the desired outcome. Remember, when it comes to your own home décor, focus on your own personality rather that what is in trend now. You don’t have to follow a particular style; you can create your own unique one that is truly a representation of YOU.

For an advice of how to create your dream home, please get in touch. You will receive a free consultation from an expert!