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Having a big bedroom is definitely a luxury, however designing it could be tricky. You may ask yourself a question: What do I do with all this space? How do I choose and organise the furniture, select wall finishes, light fittings so that the bedroom space looks balanced?

I have seen a few examples in my practice when clients tried to fill their large bedroom with furniture and accessories as much as possible, leaving very little or no empty space at all and it felt very cluttered. Some clients on the other hand, left too much blank space having only a bed and a bedside table not knowing what to do and how to organise the rest of the area in the bedroom, leaving it awkwardly empty.

It is all about the balance, of course. Bedroom, no matter big or small, is the place where you rest and it needs to feel airy, spacious, functional and cosy at the same time. There are a few tips which I would like to share to help you to design your dream large bedroom.

  • Visually divide the space into zones. For example, have an area with an armchair and a small coffee table for reading or having a tea/coffee; add a bench; have an area for shelving units with books.
  • Have heavy curtains. Floor to ceiling plain dark or curtains with patterns will add a statement in the interior and serve as a dramatic focal point. Make sure it matches to the overall colour scheme of the room.
  • Add exciting lighting. When I was designing this spacious bedroom for my client in South London, I went for the two large globe table lamps on either side of the bed and a mid-century style suspension ceiling light that brings the fresh modern feel to the interior.
  • Have different textures. For this project, I went for different materials and patterns like marble, wood, wallpaper, keeping the colour scheme simple to avoid overcomplicating the interior. You can make the colour scheme completely neutral or add one accent colour like blue or green as I did in this project.
  • Add a large mirror. As I mentioned in my previous post, mirrors make a huge difference to any space. When you have a large bedroom, it is almost a crime not to add a big mirror. You can go for an antique style or modern mirror – it will instantly add a character to the room.
  • Add blankets and cushions. This goes without saying that having “soft” elements like rugs, cushions and blankets warm-up the space and makes it cosy. They are both functional and decorative accessories and a must-have in every bedroom! You can easily experiment with different styles and textures of cushions and blankets to compliment the furniture and add the good vibes!

Thank you for reading!

Master bedroom
Master bedroom