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Some of my clients prefer one particular style, let’s say traditional or ultra-modern, and would like to have an interior design of their home based solely on this.  Majority of my clients, however, gravitate towards a few of interior styles and they often ask me if these styles can be combined together. The answer is – yes of course they can. I am also one of those people who like different decoration and design styles and I always try to find ways to join them in a very balanced way.

There are, however, a few points to note, to make sure that these styles are blended seamlessly.

First, think about the architectural style of the building. If it is a Georgian house, it will make sense to have the Georgian décor and furniture pieces there. If it is a new built house or a flat, a contemporary style should definitely be present there.

Try not to mix too many styles in one room. The ideal number is two or three, no more than that, otherwise the space will lack balance and look messy. Remember, whatever you do in terms of interior design, must be stylish and look harmonious.

The obvious combination of styles is of course modern and traditional. These styles are completely opposite and this is the reason why they blend together so well. Opposites attract, as we know!  One example is to have a modern looking bedroom in the Georgian house. The contrast between the Georgian wall panelling or a fireplace and contemporary furniture is really amazing and creates the timeless feel.

Another styles combination which is one of my favourites is Art Deco and minimalism. The unity of these two create a truly elegant and sophisticated look. A touch of complex décor with the calm simplicity. An example of that would be an art deco furniture pieces in the minimalist bathroom, where you have uncluttered aesthetics blended with the ornate shapes.

A combination of classic and Mid-Century styles is another popular example. Here we have wall colours, geometric shapes, natural wood of Mid-Century together with neutral colour palette of the Classic style gives a very luxurious feel and a sense of discipline. The main thing when combining these two similar, but at the same time different styles, is to achieve symmetry and to have a focal point. It provides a warmth and a sense of security.

When combining interior design or decoration styles, the goal is to create a space that your eyes and mind will see as a whole.

Try not to have too many colours and textures (it can be tempting sometimes, I know!), otherwise the room will not look unified, and the items will feel like they stand alone. We don’t want a visual overwhelm!

Create a focal point. It could be your favourite retro mirror or an armchair or a rug. Make it a centrepiece and design the rest of the space around it. Don’t worry if the item looks too much “out of place” – you can use this an advantage and create a wow factor that will catch the attention.

A lot of people tend to mix style to re-use their existing furniture and incorporate the new pieces. Whichever styles you pick to blend together, the final design will be a true reflection of who you are and your lifestyle, something so unique that you would never find anything like that anywhere else.

If you need an advice on how to design your dream home, please get in touch for your free consultation with an expert.