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Small Space, Big Impact: The Guide to Designing Your Perfect Home in London

If you have a small home, It might be difficult for you to maximise it, however this is not an impossible task that cannot be done; you can ask your residential interior design providers to help you with this. They will help you to understand the concept and techniques of how to make a bigger impact in a smaller space and also keep it very functional.

Here are some tips that will help you design your small space to look larger. If you connect with the professionals, they will guide you with an expert advice and assist you in renovating your smaller area. Read further to get the tips to make a small London apartment look more spacious.

Select the right furniture

If your home is small and you add a smaller furniture set, then it will not look quite right. You might select the standard size furniture set. For example, in a living room, you can go with a full-length sofa with a low profile. The greater the distance between the top of the sofa and the ceiling, the larger your room will look. And also, you will not sacrifice your comfort and functionality of the room. Look for the multifunctional furniture, like Ottomans with integrated storage.

Artwork Selection

Don’t set the furniture against the wall

Don’t adjust all the furniture available in the room against the wall. Instead, only place a piece or two towards the wall that will add air to the room and make it feel like breathing. You can add some floating pieces, such as a curvy chair, or an ottoman, in the room to make your space look livelier.

Paint the space the same color

To make a perfect residential interior design for your small apartment, your designer in London will guide you on the importance of painting the entire room the same color.

This will allow you to create an envelope of space in your remodeling area. You can either go with the lighter shade or the darker shade based on your preference. Usually, lighter shade works better in the small areas.

Add an eye-catching pattern

Once you decided on the wall colour for your small room, you can add eye-catching pattern that allows your room to have a visual interest. Patterns such as vertical strips can make your room look taller and add some air to it.

There are so many attractive patterns available on the market that will help you to make the perfect residential interior design. Consider the weave and texture of natural materials as a pattern – it rarely goes out of fashion and also has a calming effect. 

Select bold and balanced accessories

Include balanced accessories to your space that will allow your renovated space look more interesting and have personality. For example, add a mirror to your small room to create the illusion of light and space. Add some artwork, cushions, vases and plants that will make the space look homely. They key here is the balance! Try not to over clutter the room.

Wrapping it up!

When working on residential interior design in London, one of the biggest challenges making the space look and feel bigger, yet keeping its functionality. There are so many ways to solve this problem, depending on the size of the space, your budget, your preferences, etc. This is why you should approach professional designers to assist you with this. It will help you to avoid mistakes and potentially can save you money.