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What is a timeless design? This is the design that will never go out of style or become “out of date”. This is the design that lasts for many years. If you are renovating your flat or a house and would like to achieve a timeless feel, focus on functionality and consider using natural materials, like wood, glass and stone.

In my Central London project I created a living room feature wall using materials like natural wooden flooring, dark oak shelving units and…Green marble! Yes, you can add colour to your timeless interiors and maintain a classic look. I love using marble in my designs.. it comes in so many varieties and unique colour and patterns. With its luxurious look and feel, it can create spectacular floors or feature walls. In combination with wood and the right lighting, it gives a strong textural interest withing a home.

In this project I combined Green marble with the dark finishes of the shelving units which creates intensity, yet looking very elegant and sophisticated. Furthermore, green colour signifies nature and wealth as well as it invites calmness into any space. Paint the walls in neutral shade to compliment the marble and make the entire space look classy. Green marble being the centre of the living room, we don’t want to add too much colour elsewhere, hence the rest of the interior was done in quite subtle tones with just a few accents like cushions and curtains.

Living room
Living room Battersea

Incorporate trendy elements like the globe floor and pendant lights or other decorative items as they can always be changed. Timeless interior has a balance between what is contemporary to classic looks while keeping the interior modernized and refreshing.

 Also, consider the overall symmetry and proportions of the space when adding furniture, shelving units and other elements as you don’t want to overpower the room, but create a visually pleasing and physically comfortable balance of all the elements.

Sofiya Designs can help you to create your dream timeless space. For more information or to book a free consultation, contact us today.